Bentheim Castle

 A Castle Wedding

Weddings at Castle Bentheim

The stylish and historical Ernst-August-Salon in Kronenburg Castle is available for civil marriage ceremonies from May to September.

Wedding couples may say “I do” each Friday, respectively at 10 a.m., 11 a.m., 12 noon, 2:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. 

What will you find at your disposal?

In addition to the wedding couple and witnesses, the hall has seating for 20 more people. Use of the room is limited to 45 minutes, so that there will still be time to toast the couple after the wedding ceremony. Glasses and drinks must be brought along if this is to be the case. 

What does a Wedding at the Castle cost?

In addition to the legal fees for a civil ceremony, an all-inclusive fee of 330.00 € will be charged for a morning wedding and 410.00 € for a wedding in the afternoon.  The fee also includes permission to take photographs inside the rooms and Castle courtyard. 

Can anyone get married in Castle Bentheim?

Of course, you may get married at the Castle even if you do not live in Bad Bentheim. To do so, however, you must register the marriage ceremony with the registry office at your place of residence. This may be done six months before the planned date of marriage at the earliest. Information and advice concerning the precise documents needed for a civil marriage ceremony are provided by your local registry office.

Dates and Reservation

Reservations for a marriage ceremony at Castle Bentheim may be made no earlier than October for a date in the following year.

Registry Office Bad Bentheim
Schloßstraße 2, 48455 Bad Bentheim
Telephone 05922 / 73 23
Fax 05922 / 73 25

You will receive further information concerning directions for reaching the Castle, parking possibilities, and other organizational matters after you have made a firm reservation and submitted all written marriage documents.

Der prächtige Salon im Ernst-August-Bau, der auch als Standesamt dient.

Seasonal Hours

Details concerning opening hours